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Flyaway! provides the highest level of professional, personalized customer service, over 20 years civilian and military aviation experience, extensive research, and focused marketing campaigns to get your plane sold quickly and for the most money. Our successful track record speaks for itself. Flyaway! is also a member of SAG - the Southeastern Air Group (a broker/dealer network). We specialize in the sale, brokerage and procurement of premium piston and turbine aircraft, aircraft evaluations and appraisals, and consultation (where we negotiate the deal and assist with your aircraft acquisition). One of our main goals is to expedite every sale in order to get you up in the air sooner! "When it's time to buy or sell a plane, more pilots rely on FLYAWAY!" We are a "one-stop shop" assisting with everything you need as an aircraft owner and operator. Ask about our preferred partners, offering aircraft hull and liability insurance, financing, avionic repair and installations, maintenance, flight training, and aircraft detailing. Flyaway's providers can usually save you money.

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