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Year: 2008

TTAF: 1200 hours

Location: North America, Canada, Canada

Registration no.: D-HMGX

Serial no.: 760710

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Aircraft Highlights

1 Private owner since new

Deluxe VIP Interior



135° L H Door

Contact: Emmanuel Dupuy / +1 289 400 4725



  • TOTAL HOURS: 1,200 Hours Since New
  • CYCLES: 1,600 Cy


  • Turbomeca ARRIEL 2S2
  • Eng 1: 1200 TTSN; 1600 Cycles
  • Eng 2: 1200 TTSN; 1600 Cycles



  • Delete Cockpit Voice Recorder – CVR 120 w/UAB Completion
  • FM Immunity Nav
  • European Dual Mode S Transponders w/Diversity - Collins TDR 94D
  • Audio Jacks - Emergency (Std/Bose)
  • Audio Jacks, Cockpit - Bose
  • Cabin Call System w/ bell Ringer
  • Cellular Phone Base and Charger
  • Satellite Communications System, AirCell ST 3100
  • Strap EFIS Baro-set to “MB”
  • Lightning Strike Sensor - LSZ 860 w/LU 860
  • Wx Avoidance Radar - Primus 880, exchange for Primus 440
  • FMS - Universal UNS 1F w/Go Around Switch wired to the Collective
  • Multi-Function/Moving Map Garmin GMX-200
  • Chart View Option for the Garmin GMX-200
  • Honeywell Multi Function Radar Display (MFRD) displays Radar, Flight Plan, & Checklists
  • Traffic Advisory System -Skywatch HP
  • CVR/FDR, Penny & Giles Digital MPFR, Model D51615-102 w/Ctrl
  • GMX200 Map system to include Bottlang charts for Europe
  • European Radio Tuning Unit, Single Collins CTL-92E
  • "Flight Image Recorder (POC) w/ 3 Securaplane Cameras viewing Instrument Panel (To comply with JAR OPS 3)"
  • Add intermittent wiper switch to Pilot/Copilot cyclic sticks (switch to be slide type)


  • Boarding Step, Retractable -RH
  • Maintenance Covers - Exterior
  • Annunciator - “FUEL X-FEED” ON
  • Hydraulic Quick Disconnect Relocation
  • Pulsed Electric Engine Chip Detector System, Eaton 1K7707
  • Air Comm Flight Deck Heater
  • Air conditioning System w/ Panel
  • Digital Cabin Air Temperature Indicator - Cockpit
  • Annunciator - “Land LT ON"
  • Annunciator - “Search LT ON"
  • Gooseneck Map Lights
  • Landing Light - LH Main Gear
  • Approach Plate Holder, Lighted - Pilot
  • Approach Plate Holder, Lighted - Copilot
  • Console Storage Bin-Small
  • Sun Tint - Windshield
  • Overhead Lateral Absorber
  • Bifilar 5PTrack and Balance Accelerometers Installed in Fuel Cell Extension
  • Rotor Pedals Lube Kit
  • Fluid Deflector
  • Single Pilot IFR
  • Annunciator - “Pitot Heat” On
  • Annunciator - “W/S Heat On”
  • Fuel, Auxiliary 50 Gallon, Universal Fwd/Aft Completion
  • Fuel, Auxiliary 50 Gallon, Universal Fwd/Aft Provisions



Features of the S-76C++ Aircraft Code 0102:

Dynamic System - Two Turbomeca Arriel 2S2 engines, and a four blade articulated main rotor system with dual controls.

Cockpit – An Integrated Instrument Display System (IIDS), with an easy to upgrade avionics package. There is a Bleed Air Heating Defogging system and dual windshield wipers. The Pilot and Copilot equipped with a five point Restraint system.

Cabin – A large cabin that can be configured for various different missions and a 38 cubic foot baggage compartment

Other – Retractable landing gear, and 281 gallons of usable fuel

Baseline Avionics Package Includes:

Collins Proline II: Dual Collins VHF 22A Comms and VIR 32 Navs, single ADF 462 ADF, TDR 90 Transponder, DME 42 DME with IND

42A Indicator, Collins Rad ALT 1000 Radio Altimeter with Expanded Scale ALI 55A Indicator.

Honeywell EFIS/DAFCS: 4-Tube Honeywell EDZ 756 EFIS with 5" x 6" Indicators Displaying Airspeed, Altitude and Vertical Speed, Dual Litef AHRS, Dual Penny and Giles Air Data Computers, Dual Honeywell Digital SPZ 7600 Automatic Flight Control System,

Altitude Alert.

Electrical: 28 Volt Electrical System with two 200 Amp Starter/Generators, 10 KVA AC Generator, Dual 375 VA Static Inverters,

Avionics and EFIS Master Switches.

Audio: Dual dB Systems Audio control panels with ICS and VOX plus three maintenance jacks, one in the cabin and two in the

baggage compartment. This also includes dual 45 pedestal mounted ICS foot switches, three David Clark Headsets, one six-foot

walk-around cord and two 30-foot walk-around cords, Cabin PA/Chime System, and a Passenger Briefing System - PBS 250.

Backup/Safety Systems: Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System, Universal 120 CVR, 3" Backup Airspeed Indicator and

Altimeter, ADI-335D Standby Attitude Indicator with Nav1/Nav2 Select, ELT C406-N HM w/ Satellite Frequency, Electric Door

Locks – Cabin, Cabin/Cockpit and Flight Director Decouple Chime/Annunciator

Weather Related Systems: Wx Avoidance Radar - Primus 440, Windshield Washer System, Heated Glass Windshields, and Engine

Inlet Barrier Filter.